About us

ChemExTrade was developed by chemical purchasing specialists and IT professionals with one goal in mind ?to streamline the chemical purchasing process. By providing a chemical database for suppliers and buyers across the globe to connect and communicate, we eliminate the middle man and create a fair and open marketplace for chemical purchasing. Buyers can achieve significant savings on chemicals by purchase chemicals through ChemExTrade, simplifying their procurement chain even further.We creates a level playing field for chemical purchasing.

We give buyers access to a large catalog of chemicals offered by numerous suppliers and provide all of the necessary tools to purchase wisely. Buyers can quickly search for compounds and building blocks by chemical structure, CAS number, MFCD number, or catalog number. The Smart2Cart feature allows users to select optimal products based on price, delivery time, pack size, and supplier rating. Buyers can learn more about suppliers on dedicated profile pages and by reading actual customer reviews.Chemical purchasing has never been easier.

ChemExTrade is your one-stop shop for ordering fine organic chemicals

Whether you are a seasoned procurement specialist or purchasing chemicals on an as needed basis, ChemExTrade prvides true and fully transparent chemical supplier information and saves buyers time and money. There is no fee for suppliers to participate and buyers are not required to register to access the information in the chemical database.

Like Amazon and Alibaba, ChemExTradeprovides an open marketplace where customers can make informed chemical purchasing decisions with easy to use filtering tools.

Buy or order through ChemExTradefor simplified chemical purchasing.ChemExTradeis your one-stop shop for ordering fine chemicals.